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refinery turnarounds


turnaround OVERVIEW

Turnarounds are scheduled events wherein an entire process unit of a refinery or petrochemical plant is taken offstream for an extended period for revamp and/or renewal. Periodically, refineries need to have preventive maintenance, renovations, or upgrades. These periodic circumstances allow the refineries to ensure safe operations, stay competitive, and meet government regulations. Often, these periodic activities require the refinery to shutdown all or part of the refining production. Planned shutdowns are known as turnarounds. Turnarounds are expensive, both in terms of lost production while the process unit is offline, and in direct costs such as for labor, tools, heavy equipment and materials used to execute the project. They are usually the most significant portion of a plant’s yearly maintenance budget, and can affect your bottom line if mismanaged. Turnarounds are challenging, because their project management requirements are varied and unique to each site. Most refineries go through a turnaround every three to five years Each requiring extensive planning and careful coordination of labor and materials. Turnarounds usually take place when production is at its lowest, and most take a few weeks to complete, though others can take months. Turnarounds depend on the extent of the project and any problems that arise along the way. Most refineries go through an extensive inspection at the end of a turnaround. If the inspection uncovers a problem, the time may be extended. Turnarounds are one of the most anticipated and time intensive events in a plant’s cycle. Successful plant turnarounds need to be completed on time, within project scope, and on budget, and in a safe manner. Apache Refinery Services plans turnarounds that are safe and meet all codes of compliance. If done correctly they can potentially lead to huge gains in a facility’s productivity, but if the budget balloons or the timeline unexpectedly expands, it can have disastrous effects on a company’s operating budget. Effective turnaround management is crucial to a plant’s operations. Apache Refinery Services provides comprehensive petrochemical and refinery turnaround services, specializing in project management, execution, planning, and scheduling. We understand the demands our industrial customers face, which is why Apache Refinery Services is dedicated to delivering the fast turnarounds you need, when you need them. Call the experts at Apache today, the only name you need to know in refinery turnarounds.

Typical Apache Modular Refinery Process Flow


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